the church in Baton Rouge                                            

I joined a family party on Thanksgiving Day last year. At that time, I accompanied my husband to Louisiana State University for three months. We were not familiar with our surroundings. Especially on the festival day, we missed our parents and friends so much. At that moment we received a call. The church brother on the telephone invited us to join a party.

At the party, believers preached the gospel to us. Their mind, thoughts, words, and actions touched us so deeply that we began to believe in God. At the party, was the first time that we tasted His sweetness, His love (1 John 4:16).

After that, every Sunday night one believer taught us to read the New Testament. We gradually knew about God. God is in the light. He is an open God. He has already revealed Himself in the gospel.

This March, we attended a Chinese-speaking conference in Richardson, Texas. It is so wonderful that we were deeply touched again. Hymns 1025 includes: “He is so rich, He is so full, He can fulfill all your needs! He is so good, He is so sweet, all your desires He exceeds!” When I sang it, I couldn’t help crying. After we came back, we were jointly baptized. I died, and today I live a new life (Romans 6:4). What then should we do? We should walk in the light (1 John 1:7).

Now I meet with the church in Baton Rouge on the Lord’s Day. We all have a share in the meeting. Merely being a listener or an onlooker is contrary to being a living, functioning member of the Body of Christ (1Cor 14:26, Eph 4:16). Every time I come to a meeting, I will enter into the fellowship. With every believer, there is the flow of life. I think that as everyone has a part in the meeting and renders supply to other members God’s life in the Body flow in an unhindered way.

Oh, Lord Jesus, I want Your divine life and Your divine nature to be the source of my living. This is a life of enjoyment, rest, and comfort, which is the answer to “What’s the source of my living?”

- Qing (Betsy) Bai