the church in Baton Rouge                                            

Before I was saved and baptized into the Body of Christ in September 1985, my answer to “What’s the purpose of my human life?” was very simple: Get a Ph.D. degree; find a high-paying job to own good properties such as a house, a car, etc…and raise my kids well so that they may get an education from one of those elite universities. In short, my life was focused on the PPK, i.e., Ph.D., Properties, and Kids. This is the typical Chinese culture and there is nothing wrong with this in itself.

In May 1985 I defended my Ph.D. dissertation, got a good teaching job in a business school, and had a good wife and child. However, my life had a big change at that time. Several well-known professors, whom I admired, either committed suicide or ended up with tragic deaths. I started to question the “PPK” I was pursuing. Considering those famous and rich professors, why weren’t they happy? I asked myself. Evidently, if education and money can’t satisfy man, then what can? I had no answer.

In September 1985, a month after we moved to the city where the university was located, we met a believer in Christ with three children in a local library. She preached the gospel to us with a small booklet, entitled The Mystery of Human Life. The booklet explained that man has three parts: spirit, soul, and body (1 Thes. 5:23). “For problems of the body, one may see a doctor. For problems of the mind, one may visit a psychiatrist. Yet only God can solve the problems with the spirit.” (p.5) How can God solve the problems of my spirit? It is through the two becomings of Christ. God became flesh, born as a man called Jesus (John 1:14). The Lord became the Spirit called the life-giving Spirit by His resurrection from the dead (1 Cor. 15:45). Through the two becomings, we are saved (Rom 5:10).

Through the prayer and shepherding of the believers in the local church, my family continued coming and enjoying very much the meetings of the local church. Gradually, I started to realize the real meaning of PPK, i.e.; Jesus Christ is my Prophet, Priest, and King. As the Prophet, He brings God to me (Deuteronomy 18:15). As the Priest, He brings me to God (Hebrews 2:17). Through this two-way traffic, I, a member in the Body of Christ, am joined to the Triune God (John 14:20). As such, the Lord becomes the King to rule over all of our problems (1 Timothy 6:15). I recall Witness Lee’s last word to us: Sacrifice. The sister who preached the gospel to us, the brother who laid down his soul life for us, and the dear saints who prayed unceasingly for us, they are the real testimony of sacrifice. They moved to the same locality almost the same time as we did. Without their moving to this city, I might be still lost in my question: What is the purpose of Human life?

- Ye-Sho Chen