Lord's Day Morning Meetings

In light of the rapidly developing situation related to the COVID-19 virus, with guidance from the CDC and governmental authorities, and after much fellowship, we are implementing the following changes to the Lord's Day morning meeting schedule:


Lord's Table Meeting - 10:00 AM




 All Can Prophesy Meeting - 11:00 AM


 Preparing Yourself, Your  Home and Your Computer / Phone for the Meeting

You may use your home computer, laptop or phone to participate in the online meetings of the church. Please take the following steps to make sure you have a good online experience:

  1. We want to maintain a spiritual atmosphere for the meetings. Join in prepared to exercise your spirit to sing, to pray and to praise the Lord.
  2. To the extent possible, make sure your environment is free of background noise.
  3. If you use a camera, and we hope you do:
    • Make sure it is in a stable position, free of jostling and unintended movement.
    • Place your camera approximately level with your face and about one arm's length away from you
    • Do not hold your camera in your lap. It is not stable and movement is a distraction from the meeting and ends up displaying at an awkward angle.
  4. Upon logging in, open the CHAT and Participants areas.
    • The CHAT area can be used to communicate song numbers to everyone. If the song number is sent to EVERYONE, but you do not have CHAT open, you will not see the message.
    • You may send a CHAT message to EVERYONE or to anyone in the PARTICIPANTS area.
  5. If you use a computer or laptop for the video and your phone for the audio, please mute the microphone on one of those devices to prevent feed back and echo.
  6. If two or more participants in the same household access the meeting on different devices, each person should be in a separate room or area to prevent feedback and echo.